Relaxation Coach app for relaxation has been launched

The world´s first relaxation application for relaxing the mind and the body includes nine different relaxation exercises. In addition, the app offers hints for relaxation and the statistics, which keeps you informed about your usage. The application has been developed by Jouko Mikkola, mental and relaxation coach, and Aatos Media with co-operation of HAMK.

Jouko Mikkola, works as a mental coach has specialized in relaxation. He realized that there are many mobile apps for mindfulness and meditation, but none for relaxing the mind via bodily relaxation.

”The idea of the Body-Mind – relaxation, is to relax the mind by first relaxing the muscles in the body, whereas in mindfulness one focuses only on calming the mind. In this application, it is now possible to calm the mind through the body.” says Jouko Mikkola.

People are different, so people need different ways of recuperating and relaxing. The length of the exercises vary from three to ten minutes and different techniques are used. Thus the user can choose the most suitable exercise at any given moment.

”The Relaxation Coach – application is aimed for the international market, which is why we are launching it straight away in English. Later on, we will also broaden the product into other languages and develop it to become a support for sports training” says Mikkola.

”I have personally benefitted from the relaxation exercises – they have helped me to find strength, to recuperate and in mental management. As the world is in constant turmoil, it is good to stop every now and then. I hope this application will help others to do this as well” continues Mikkola in the end.


Jouko Mikkola works as a mental management and relaxation coach in companies and sports. The sports include, for example, golf and handball as well as volley ball, in which he was part of the Finnish women´s team who won the Finnish Championship 2016.