It’s very important to decide a proper flooring system for your sports court and choose among the sports surface manufacturers. For whatever sports activity you’re involved with, whether its tennis, hockey, basketball, badminton or any other sports, you need to meet some important aspects regarding its purposeful usage. These aspects can be the proper shock absorption level of the floor, or its required level of traction, durability, maintenance or anything else. A perfect floor can always be helpful for a sportsman to get his aspiring success.

Read this article for all the information about the sports court surfaces and also get the solutions that can help you in finding the best sports court manufacturer for your sports court.

Who’s The Best Sports Flooring Provider?

The floor is one of the most important aspects of a sports court. It will definitely be helpful in the success of specific sports activities. Only a specialist floor designer like ZSFloor can provide you the best flooring system prepared for its intended usage. They can provide the best sports surface-based on its geographical and the environmental factors.

In case of installing, resurfacing, or replacing your sports floor, you can always rely on the ZSFloor floor solution for their outstanding sports floor designs and services. It can provide you the best flooring systems that can be optimized for your health and performances.

Why ZSFloor?

Check below to get the précised detail of how ZSFloor can provide the best and unique designs to separate sports surfaces:

  • ZSFloor solutions and services can provide all the useful requirements to a tennis court surface like consistent ball bounce, quick install, maintenance free design, fix floor to ground etc.
  • ZSFloor can provide an athletic track, the beat solutions like integrally moulded, safe material, wear and scratch resistant technology, strong shock absorption ability and many more.
  • All the badminton players can get the best build solutions for their sports court flooring from ZSFloor with quick-drying design, high slip resistance technology.
  • ZSFloor design basketball court with the equipment of built-in shock absorber technology which meets the FIBA parameter and also covers the facilities which can protect the athletics’ joints, and also provides energy absorbing lock, non-slip and ball rebound, safety guarantee benefits.
  • A hockey rink floor design prepared by ZSFloor have the criteria of all-weather usage facility, high speed skate, and an anti-displacement design. They formed hockey rink floors with energy-absorbing buckles tiles that can possess all the above necessary requirements.
  • If you’re planning to construct an indoor court, then ZSFloor’s solution and services can reduce noise and design costs of your indoor court surface. ZSFloor’s mat series collection is designed in such a way that you don’t need to keep any rubber base. Not only the above you can also choose your favourite colour and design for your indoor court surface.
  • ZSFloor’s solution and services can provide you with a skating rink with a smooth and flat surface. ZSFloor can also furnish the skating rink surface with rich colour that can give it more attractive and commercial.
  • The ZSFloor provide safe and protective solutions for children’s playgrounds in the kindergartens as well. Their playground surface designs are prepared with environmentally friendly materials which can ensure the safety of the kids.


An efficient flooring solution like ZSFloor can provide relevant services that can be helpful in every genre of sports, whether it’s the floor design of tennis, hockey, basketball, badminton, athletic track, or any other sports, ZSFloor can be the solution for all sorts of sport floor designs. It can give the perfect design and facilities to your sports court that can be optimized for your best aspiring performance.


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