The Legend of the demon wolf is a great novel by Mikeey Boa. This movie starts with Scott feeling wobbled and his word lying on the floor. He felt his life had faded away as blood sputtered out of his chest. Scott knew he was moving into the dark world. He could not be helped by Klaus who had betrayed him.

The Promise

Over the years, he always trusted Klaus. Now Klaus was being sarcastic by telling Scott that his supreme rule was over and it is time for the new dawn. Well, Scott could not do anything but promise Klaus that when he will be reborn, he will make him wish that he had died. Although his words were barely audible, Klaus knew that Scott was bitter. Klaus wasted no further time and ripped off his head. He then turned himself into a giant bat and flew. He did not know it was the start of the end.


Scott could not understand why there were vampires in their village. He could estimate the vampires to be five in number. If this was a dream, he would believe it. The leader of the vampires had a bald head and a long brown beard. As the two vampires approached Scott and tried to kidnap him, two strange hands grabbed and smashed them. Scott was surprised that Neville could attack the vampires.

The Silver Knife

He could not help but walk into the thick night. Other than the night being cold, it was also wild. Scott could feel something touching his skin. As he fumbled around, he grabbed his silver knife and took it out. Since the knife was made of silver, it shone in the moonlight as it kept turning upside down. What Scott never expected is the knife turning into a large silver sword. The knife was ever larger and its blade sharper than before. He used it to slash the tree and it came down with a single slash. He went on to cut the trees until he could no longer do it.

Four Years Later

At night and the owls kept hooting through the thick forest. As their feint echoes followed, a lady injured came along. She kept running through the entire forest while bleeding from her stomach. Her leg tripped when she stepped on a tree branch and fall down. She kept limping in pain and she did not know where to go. She then heard the twigs break and five shadows suddenly appeared. Well, she could not help but keep shouting to let them leave her alone.


The Legend of the Demon is a powerful novel that introduces the power struggles and the world of vampires. If you like reading novels about mystic creatures this is the one for you. These creatures are thirsty for blood and keep fighting. You will be taken from thick forests to worlds of darkness. There are lots of things you will love about this novel as you get to enjoy reading it.


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