There are numerous walking pad manufacturers out there. The Sunny Health and Fitness, the superfit folding treadmill, the Walking Pad Series and Horizon Samart Treadmill…. Here are three products picked from the most popular brands that are the best in the market. The brands and models listed here have been featured by the most popular review websites and they have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon as well.

Walking Pad P1

When compared to the vast majority of other walking pads and walking pad brands, Kingsmith is fairly distinctive due to the fact that the majority of its walking pads include an innovative foldable design that makes it possible to quickly store them anywhere.

The Kingsmith walking pad is a very versatile walking pad that features a design that allows it to fold up, making it simple to store in any situation. This walking mat can support up to 250 pounds of weight despite its collapsible shape and relatively high weight limit. However, you do not receive any monitor power rating with this walking pad, which may be a letdown for some people.

This walking pad, despite its folding nature, nevertheless provides a speed rating of up to 6km/h, which is very impressive considering how quickly it can be packed up. You also receive a good one-year warranty with it, which is something you would expect from a walking pad with the price tag that this one has.


  • Unique foldable design for easy storage
  • High weight capacity rating
  • Good build quality with a standard warranty


  • Not mentioning motor power radium

Umay Portable Treadmill

Even though UMAY is a relatively new and somewhat modest brand of walking pads, it is still a good option to take into consideration if you are looking for something that is both small and compact in order to use it within the house. Because it is one of the most compact choices on the market today, Umay’s walking pad is an excellent choice for use in confined quarters. You may still achieve a respectable weight capacity of up to 200 pounds with it despite the fact that it is rather small and compact.

Because it was not designed to be put through rigorous work, the motor that comes with it only has 1.5 horsepower. As a consequence of this, its provided speed rating of up to 6 kmph is something that should be anticipated at the supplied price tag, even though it comes with a good one-year warranty. The products build quality reflects its lower price and the fact that it isn’t a very well-known brand.


  • Small and compact walking pad
  • Good performance for the given size and price
  • Decent speed rating with an efficient motor


  • Average build quality compared to other models

Bigzzia Treadmill

Despite the fact that BIGZZIA is one of the smallest manufacturers of walking paths, it can still be a good alternative for many people, especially if you are searching for something inexpensive. Bigzzia’s walking pad is the least expensive choice listed here, making it ideal for consumers on a low budget. Even though this is a low cost walking pad, it has a weight limit of up to 220 pounds which is comparable to much more expensive models on the market. In fact an electric motor with a power rating of 1.5 horsepower is included. Even with its entry level engine it achieves a remarkable speed rating of up to 10 kmph which is higher than more expensive choices on the market because it is a cheap walking pad the company that made it does not offer a warranty.


  • Budget friendly
  • Decent performance for the price


  • No warranty offered


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