The nanrobot ls7 is an amazing scooter with lots of amazing features. While it gives you the thrill involved with scooting at high speeds, this device still has designs ensuring your safety. Therefore, in an unfortunate event where you make a mistake on the scooter, you can rest assured of your safety. The features and numerous benefits of this device makes it an undisputed choice when you are looking to buy scooters. This guide will explain the different features of the nanrobot ls7, explaining how they are beneficial to you when you purchase it.

Portable size and weight

One of the most crucial features of this scooter is its portable size, which gives it lots of advantages. The 53*23.6*48in dimensions of the scooter coupled with its

90 LBS / 40 KG weight gives it a portable size. This portability makes it easy for you to handle and control the device while scooting, which means you will have maximum safety since you are in control.

Great speed

The nanrobot ls7 is not a scooter you can use for racing events. However, it provides great speed like a racing scooter. This scooter gives you 55 miles per hour which is very fast. It gets this speed through the 1800W dual motors, giving you a motor output of 3600W. That’s not all; it comes with pneumatic tires that will work even on bad roads. These 11 inches tires are durable and can go through any bad roads without necessarily reducing the speed.

Great battery levels

It is one thing to have a good scooter, it’s another to have a scooter that has a good battery life. The most annoying and disgraceful thing is for your scooter batteries to go flat when you are riding to your destination. Most of the time, this is not the case with the nanrobot ls7 scooter. This device comes with a 60 volts and 25 amperes battery that can travel up to sixty miles before getting low after a full charge.

Quality brakes

Riding a scooter is similar to riding a car or bike. You may come across emergency situations when you need to rush into a complete halt. The nanrobot ls7 scooter comes with double hydraulic brakes, ensuring that you do not hit any item. These brakes are at the front and the back of the scooter, which means they both respond at the same time, bringing the scooter to an ultimate halt.

Dual and quick charging opportunity

When you buy nanrobot ls7 scooter, you will get only one charger, but the scooter has two ports for charging. Both charging ports can work simultaneously reducing charging time to six hours from the expected twelve hours.


If you are an adventurous person, buying a scooter for personal use is probably on your bucket list. With many options available, you may get confused as to which scooter you can pick. The nanrobot ls7 remains your best bet if you want to scoot for your personal pleasure. This scooter comes with amazing features, as described in this article. The most surprising of these features being the fact that this item will stand the test of time after you have used it.


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