Brake calipers are a crucial part of the braking system of your car. If you want to keep the car in drive, you need to know how to replace a brake caliper. The steps are relatively simple and there’s even an online video (if you’re so inclined) that shows how this whole process works.

The process of replacing brake calipers is explained below:

First, The Prep Work

Before you begin, it’s important to know how to remove a caliper. The first step is to remove the wheel. Then, you should remove the tire from your vehicle. It’s best if you do this while someone else drives around so they can watch over what you’re doing and help guide your hands if necessary. If possible, use a floor jack or jack stand in order to gain access underneath your car (this may also mean removing some of its components like springs).

Once everything is removed, clean off all leftover debris from around where parts were located such as cables and hoses that might interfere with proper removal later on down the road. Make sure that there aren’t any cracks in these areas either; otherwise, they could cause issues later on when trying out some repair work like replacing brake pads or rotors…

Second, Remove the Wheels

To remove the wheel, first, use a flathead screwdriver to remove the bolts from each side of the wheel. Next, use a socket wrench to loosen and remove one of these bolts; this is your first and most important step in replacing your brake calipers. Now that you have already removed one bolt and can see how much room there is between where it was fastened (on top) and where it should be attached (below), use an Allen wrench or socket to loosen both remaining bolts on either side so that you can pull out both sides of the wheel assembly easily.

Once all four wheels have been removed from beneath their respective axles, place them upside down on something soft like newspaper or cardboard so they don’t get scratched up during this process—especially if they’re expensive leather seats!

Third, Loosen the Bolt Holding the Caliper in Place

Use a wrench to loosen the bolt holding the caliper in place. It’s important not to remove it completely, but just enough so you can slide it out of its housing and onto your brake pad. If you do end up removing this bolt, make sure that you do not damage any threads on its head as this could cause serious problems down the road when trying to repair or replace them later on down the line (see step 6 below).

Fourth, Remove the Old Caliper

There are several ways to remove the old caliper. You can break the bolts with a hammer, use a socket wrench to loosen them and then remove them by hand or use a breaker bar to do so. If you don’t have access to any tools yet, then you can use your chisel as well! Just make sure that before you start cutting into anything important (like your car), make sure that there won’t be any signs of rust on these parts since they’re very susceptible to corrosion due to their construction materials and location near water sources such as lakes or rivers etcetera.

Fifth, Take Off the Brake Pads

To remove your old brake pads, you will need to loosen up the caliper by turning the knurled bolt clockwise. Then take off each one at an angle and set it aside on a clean surface. Before you do this, check for damage on both sides of these parts so that you can replace them properly later in this guide! Finally, make sure that all bolts are tightened up tight again before proceeding with any further steps below!

Put In Your New Brake Pads and Caliper

Now that you have your new brake pads and caliper, it’s time to install them. First, make sure that the new caliper is in the correct position on the wheel hub, and then tighten down its bolt until it’s tight against its mounting bracket. Then repeat this with the other side of your car so that they’re both tight enough so they won’t loosen up over time or while driving (though this shouldn’t be an issue if you take care of them). Finally, tighten up both wheel nuts by hand until they’re nice and snug before applying any pressure onto them with a wrench or breaker bar tool like one from Harbor Freight Tools!


There you have it. A guide to replacing your brake caliper. This will help you do it yourself in the future if needed, but also gives you some insight into how difficult (or easy) it can be depending on the car and model


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